Welcome to the IEEE STC on Broadening Participation

The Special Technical Community on Broadening Participation is an IEEE organization working to broaden participation in the computing sciences. We provide a social platform to enable like-minded people to discuss and promote topics and ideas about BP. Come join us on Twitter (use #STCBP and #BPRESPECT to join the conversation) and Facebook! Our website collates relevant academic papers, news articles, and current events to help get the conversation started.

Our Mission

As worldwide demand for computing professionals and innovation increases, it is important to engage more diverse people to drive creativity and provide equal opportunity. We strive to improve participation in engineering, computing, and technology by:

  • Supporting the research community
  • Building a strong theory and foundation for BP research
  • Advocating for broadening participation
  • Amplifying BP and computing education efforts

Join the Discussion

If you would like to join our cause, please consider contributing $5 when you fill out our membership form. We look forward to hearing from you!